Alighting at Sajnekhali Wildlife Sanctuary for our registration & entry, we take the opportunity to check out the area, and lo and behold we spot this Water Monitor Lizard just near the fencing. I fix my lens through the gap in the fencing to catch him on my lens & happily keep clicking his poses until he gets tired of all the avid photographers aiming at him & decides to retreat back into the bush.

A full view of him. this is my second view of the Water Monitor. My first view was at Sapi Island, Sabah in Northern Borneo where they came right out of the ditch to catch the lefovers from the Sushi Bars on the beach. See my blog on Northern Borneo Sarawak and Sabah from the link on the right of this page.

The Esturine Crocdile happily sun-bathing on the shore until he is disturbed by another boat that gets too close to him - decides to jump back into the safety of the river

And another below amongst the pheumatophores (aerial roots) getting warmed up
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